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Like Moths To A Flame


14 x 22" / Mixed MediaA brightly colored composite of bicycle gears, chains, and other industrial items covered with various types of moths. The insert of a city on fire lends itself to the title ...

Gridlock in Building t...


36 x 12" / Acrylic paint and inkAbstract landscape painting with squares and rectangles over a dark background.

Forging Ahead


28 x 22" / Acrylic and alcohol-based penAbstract landsape painting with strong color contrasts and outlined shapes in silver and red.

End of the Road


12 x 15" / Pastel

Iron Ghosts Sunset Rust


26 x 38" / PhotographyIron Ghosts - the remains of the apex of the industrial era.

Shot at Dawn


32 x 31" / Acrylic on wood panelHow are industrialization and war linked? The young man in this painting, Private Herbert Burden, lied about his age in order to enlist in the British army and fight...

Titan of Industry


24 x 7" / Ceramic and Steel



18 x 36" / Oil and acrylic on canvasInspired by the post-impressionist movement of Synthetism in France, this contemporary take on Industrial art seeks to synthesize or combine basic shapes so as t...

Art Remains


26 x 24" / Mixed Media Textile / Rusted and painted canvas stapled to foil insulation and mounted on a stretched canvas. Hand and machine stitched. Rusted wire, ball chain and metal washers are inc...

Water Pipes II


12 x 12" / Mixed MediaWater, water everywhere. Large pipes and small pipes leading this way and that way. Sometimes leaks happen, but all is well.

Paved Paradise


9 x 7.5" / Cold Wax and Oils"Paved Paradise" was inspired by one of my favorite walks along the creek near CU Boulder buildings. Merely yards away from the path is a paved parking lot for students....

Armored Elephant


16 x 32" / Steel / Elephants are rooted deeply in the history of warfare. Elephants were used to break enemy ranks and instill fear and awe into their captors enemies. By representing this trumpeti...