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Drive In


12 x 18" / Photography, metallic paper print mounted under plexiglass.

Denver, CO Skyline


12 x 24" / AcrylicsColorful depiction of the Denver, CO, skyline on cradled wood with oak stained sides.

"d" Falling


24 x 9" / Welded Steel and Brick / Made from scrap steel originally from the Pueblo steel mill, a dozen spare "d"s fall down part of a chute onto a brick foundation from the steel foundry.



24 x 24" / Mixed MediaWith the desire to experiment using various mediums and trying to push the limits with what may be integrated into a painted canvas piece, "Petrol" was created using different...

Cold Fusion


40 x 30" / Mixed MediaThis piece of artwork was inspired by my wintry walks through the dilapidated alleyways of the Santa Fe Arts District in downtown Denver. I wanted to capture some of the uniqu...

Iron Rain


20 x 20" / Encaustic



10 x 10" / SculptureRepresents transition from raw materials into the magical world of industrial machines.



48 x 48" / Acrylic on canvasAbstract expression found through pouring mediums, bright colors and distinct black lines.



36 x 24" / Acrylic on canvasPouring mediums on a black canvas bring these expressive shapes together.

Free Falling


48 x 48" / Acrylic on canvasFreedom with spray paint, collaging, contrasting colors and negative shape painting bring this piece together in its abstract expression.

Sunrise On The Serengeti


48 x 48" / Acrylics on woven canvasThis piece is made from multiple larger paintings that are cut up into strips and woven over a circular stretcher frame.



34 x 60" / Sharpie on bathroom panelImagery from the Syrian War