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A Tower of Giraffes


12 x 8 x 4" / Steel / A group of Giraffes is called a tower, their strength comes from a unique balance of individual and herd mentalities. while living in groups of up to 50, in times of scarcity ...

Determinant No. 3


44 x 6" / Forged Iron / This piece consists of 9 vertical iron elements that were forged from 1" x 1" x 8" bars. The subsequent forging retains a section of the original material with sections redu...



36 x 24" / Acrylic on canvasPouring mediums on a black canvas bring these expressive shapes together.

Anchors Away!


27 x 24" / Anchor Chain / This hefty side table made from anchor chain features a nautical theme from the modern industrial era.



18 x 36" / Oil and acrylic on canvasInspired by the post-impressionist movement of Synthetism in France, this contemporary take on Industrial art seeks to synthesize or combine basic shapes so as t...

Free Falling


48 x 48" / Acrylic on canvasFreedom with spray paint, collaging, contrasting colors and negative shape painting bring this piece together in its abstract expression.

Shift Change


24 x 16" / Found Object AssemblageThis found object assemblage was created using a salvaged wooden drawer, vintage book covers, antique printing press letters, an antique pocket watch, a metal mail...

Crosstown Traffic #2


12 x 8" / Found Object AssemblageThis found object assemblage contains old printing blocks, pieces of an old measuring stick, feet from an old typewriter, wooden blocks, a rusted metal can lid, boo...



17.5 x 6" / Steel Copper & Aluminum Wire on Hand-Crafted Wood BaseOlagarro is a self-sustaining armature made of aluminum, copper, and steel wire. Its 3 wire materials represent the enthogenesi...

Power Maze


14 x 10" / Inkjet Print PhotographSaint Joseph Power and Light Company coal-fired generating plant steelwork.



36x37" / Reclaimed wood, acrylic, reclaimed metal and hardware / A geometric puzzle cube rises from the fires from which it was forged, glowing as molten explosions envelop it. This piece is create...

Mysticism of Nature


23 x 18" / Stained GlassThis design uses only clear and lightly colored non-opalescent glass, blocking only minimal light when hung in a window. The inspiration for this piece: What if mathematics ...