August 31st - October 16th

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Cattails at the Edge


27 x 21" / Textile / This art quilt is hand painted and mono-printed with acrylic paint on fabric and machine-quilted.

Breathe Deep

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Acrylic on Canvas/ I love art that makes my breath catch from across the room. I aspire to share experiences of delightful wonder through my art. Instead of perfection and replication, I hope to in...

Heritage Park Lake


22.75 x 18.75" / Oil on CanvasA plein air painting done on location at Heritage Park Lake, Belmar, Colorado.

Misty Morning


10 x 12" / Mixed Media"Misty Morning" is mixed media with liquid graphite, buff-colored watercolor, and silica beads in the foreground for a touch of texture and interest.



19 x 23" / Mixed Media"Exuberance!" shouts the joy of color and the explosion of texture. This original mixed media painting starts with a foundation of loose and brilliant watercolor. Added on top...

Glass and Light


19.5 x 16.5" / Oil on LinenTo paint a three-dimensional object submerged in the environment, artists use highlights, lighted areas, shadows, and reflections. In developing my "Split Light Painting ...



15 x 11.5" / Acrylic Flowers in light

Altitude with Attitude


23x29.75" / Watermedia / This original watercolor is my response gazing to the West. I see this magnificent image daily in every season, and try never to take it for granted.

Glacier Morning


20 x 24" / Acrylic and CollageThis painting includes collage, acrylic paint and ink to convey the air and space of the mountains in Glacier National Park.

Sunset Divide


19 x 22" / Watercolor and InkThis watercolor work conveys the brilliance of the mountains and space in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Morning Garden


24 x 24" / AcrylicThis painting was inspired by tending to our flower gardens in the morning.

Aspen Hills


22 x 18" / Digital Painting on Watercolor PaperImpressionistic digital painting of an aspen tree in the mountains of Colorado.