August 31st - October 16th

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Landscape 7


10.25 x 10.25" / Cold Wax / Oil



24 x 24" / SculptureStrutting and twirling: a haughty iridescent feathered blur!

Hawaiian Beach


20 x 20" / Fabric, Acrylic, Mixed MediaInspired by the beautiful landscape of an Hawaiian beach at sunset, this mixed media art canvas was created with fabric, paint, shells, and pearls.

North Valley Pronghorn


24 x 36" / OilInspired by the herds of antelope that roam throughout the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado.

Stillness in the Wetla...


24 x 24" / AcrylicI'm fascinated by quiet natural landscapes with aquatic plant life. They feel wild and untouched by humans. The last glow of light before sunset.

Meandering Waters


14 x 16" / Oil on PanelI originally completed this painting en plein air at Rogers Grove in Longmont in June. I decided to embellish it with more beautiful colors and thicker brushstrokes in the Mo...



18 x 24" / Oil on CanvasBefore visiting, when I imagined Italy, this is what I pictured. The bucolic charm, warm earth tones and rolling hills are instantly identifiable with the Tuscan countryside...

A Lady in the Wine Cas...


30 x 40" / Oil on Canvas /Inspired by a truly magical vineyard in Tuscany that immediately captured my heart, Colle Bereto. I chose to paint this scene over an existing portrait on a canvas that wa...



16 x 20" / AcrylicWhisper is anything but... She wanted to go quietly into that good night, but the light wanted one last dance.



14 x 14" / AcrylicDiurnal - Adj - 1. Pertaining to or occurring in a day or each day; daily. 2. Occurring or active during the daytime rather than at night. “No motion has she now, no force; she ne...

Above the Creek


14.5 x 22.5" / TextileThis art quilt is hand-painted, stamped, and mono-printed with acrylic paint on fabric and machine-quilted.

Cattails at the Edge


27 x 21" / Textile / This art quilt is hand painted and mono-printed with acrylic paint on fabric and machine-quilted.