Gerda Rovetch

Gerda Rovetch is a 95 year old collage, oil pastel and watercolor artist. Her family left Germany in 1938, and after a sojourn in Switzerland, they settled in London just in time for the Blitz. She studied academic art at Hornsey and pottery at Camberwell Art School, and then moved to Oxford where she opened the Isis Pottery. There she met her husband, a Fulbright scholar from Detroit, and that's how she came to the United States. She has lived in Boulder since 1957.

Once her children were all in school, Gerda started her own totally personal art, exploring her sense of humor, love of the unexpected, and the vicissitudes of life (collages); her love of color (oil pastels)--and whatever else happens in her incorrigibly playful mind.

Gerda's family lived in New York for three years. There she spent most of her time painting at the Art Students League. She worked with Richard Pousette-Dart and collagist Leo Manso, who told her, "To be a good artist, you have to be as bold as a burglar."

Her solo shows include the Lincoln Gallery in New York, and she was a member of Boulder's Mustard Seed Gallery for sixteen years. Now she's glad to share her work each year during Boulder's Open Studios. She loves it when people say her work makes them look at things in a different way.

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14 x 10 / Collage Print - Unframed

End of Childhood


13 x 16 / Collage Print - Framed

Endangered Species

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13 x 18 / Collage - Framed



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Flower Giver

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Friday Afternoon with ...


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Green Moon

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Hanging on For Dear Life

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I Have a Little Someth...


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I Like It


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Into the Hills


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Into the Hills


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