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Van der Waals

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Timeless Observers


16 x 24 / Canvas

The Diamond

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Starry Flatirons

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Glacial Winter

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Standing Out

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This was taken at the Cove of Spires in Alaska. The clouds were hanging long which made the spire really stand out with the foggy clouds and snow covered mountains behind it. This Spire Cove is loc...

Denali Reflection

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I trekked out at dawn with the hope of capturing the highest peak in North America during sunrise, I was not disappointed. The weather changed and the previous evening optimism that the clouds woul...

Grand Teton Reflections

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Reflection of Mt St John on Jenny Lake, Grand Teton Nation Park, early fall.

GTNP Reflections 2021

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The Grand Tetons are a sight to behold. Their beauty being reflected off the water was a magical moment.

Longs Peak Bathed in E...

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Longs Peak Bathed In Early Morning Sun in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Sunset over the San Ju...

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Photographed in 2018 after a series of storms moved through the area. The sun was covered in clouds all day, but I still hiked over an hour to near the top of Star Dune. As I waited for sunset with...

IR El Capitan

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This infrared image captured this landmark in Guadalupe National Park at a special moment with the clouds accenting this grand formation.