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Milky Way Reflection O...

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36 x 24" / Photographic Print Facemounted on Acrylic

Dreams of Convergence ...


15" x 54" / Photo on Canvas (Diptych) "Silken lines intersect with the down-swell of bubbling waves, creating a rhythm in this timeless movement that reflects the flow and conflict of various conve...

Winter in Yosemite


37 x 27 / Photographic Print

Van der Waals


24 x 36 / Photo on Metal

Snow Moon Rising

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Digital PhotographyPart of my 2020 Full Moon Project. Taken at Chatfield Reservoir near Denver in February, 2020. People were ice fishing on the lake and the people in the photo were heading back t...

Moonset Over the Flati...

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Digital PhotographyPart of my 2020 Full Moon Project. Clouds obscured my first choice of location the night before but since I was in Boulder for the night I got up very early to catch the moon jus...

Chimney Rock-San Juans

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Digital PhotographyThis is from Owl Creek pass near Ouray, Colorado. There are several Chimney Rocks on Colorado but this one was incredibly impressive in the fall and late evening sun.

Morning at the Divide

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Digital PhotographyThe San Juan Mountains in fall at the first break of light. It was extremely windy and my tripod kept tipping over. Still, worth the effort!

Looking Up

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Digital PhotographyI shot thee aspens in the fall in the San Juan Mountains (on Owl Creek Pass). I lay down on the ground with a wide-angle lens and got these beauties pointing to the sky.



11 x 14" / Photography

Forever Fields


16 x 20" / Photography



29 x 30 / Framed, Face-Mounted Photographic Print