Dagmar Nickerson

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12 x 16" / Encaustic with oil pigments, pan pastels on wooden boardA landscape done with encaustic, fused with hot wax and pan pastels on wooden board.

Gentle Shimmer


18 x 18" / EncausticThe gentle shimmer of the water as the sun unfolds over the mountains.

Slow Release of the Day


12 x 24" / Encaustic on wood panelThe last part of the day, slowly slipping away, leaving a glow of sun in the mountains.



6 x 24" / Encaustic on wood panel / An encaustic with oil pigments on wood panel, of the Flat Irons on a cold and frosty morning.

The Flatirons


The iconic Flatirons.

Silent Snow


12 x 12" / Encaustic on wood panelThe stillness and silence of gentle falling snow.



18 x 24" / encaustic on wood panelSunset on the grasslands ,on a very hot day.

Flower Stars


Flower Stars in a field of grasses.

Backyard Wild


A collection of blooming black eyed Susan.

Color of Wind III


8 x 8" / EncausticEncaustic on wood panel, using the imagery of a tree to depict the motion of wind

One Cloud


12 x 12" / Encaustic on wood panelThe openness of the sky, one cloud appearing, settling gently over a field of poppies.



18 x 18" / Encaustic on wood panelEncaustic on wood panel evoking the changing of the weather.