Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith

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21 x 17" / Mixed MediaThe journey of letting go of pride and selfishness may lead to a spiritual discovery or "Epiphany."

Vanity Fair


24 x 24" / Mixed Media "Vanity Fair" was inspired by how society and the media often influence us through words and pictures. Beauty? Or, pride, vanity, glory and selfishness.

I'm A Bluebird


8 x 8" / Acrylic"I'm A Bluebird" is inspired by Paul McCartney & Wing's beautiful song "Bluebird". Some of the lyrics are part of the painting in the background



40 x 30" / Acrylic on CanvasOften I begin a painting with words, a quote or a poem. Emily Dickenson's quote: "The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience" is part o...

Morning Garden


24 x 24" / AcrylicThis painting was inspired by tending to our flower gardens in the morning.

Radiant Day


17 x 21" / Acrylic on CanvasThis painting was inspired by the umatched beauty of Colorado's mountains, rivers and wildflowers.

Twilight Dream


36" x 36" / Acrylic on Canvas This painting was inspired by the magic and beauty of the ocean and sky at twilight.

Abstract Sunset over t...


31 x 31" / Acrylic on CanvasAcrylic painting in birch frame

Tree of Life


8 x 8" / The Baobab tree is Africa's iconic tree, also know as the "tree of life" and is a prehistoric species. After learning about & seeing many of the beautiful trees on safari in Africa, ea...

Radiant Aspens


8 x 8" / AcrylicAspens, a classic and special Colorado tree!

Tree of Life


20 x 20" / Acrylic on Canvas



24 x 24" / Mixed mediaPlaying with snippets from media