Connie Slack

Connie’s paintings are bold, colorful abstractions reflecting life experiences. She paints to music, allowing rhythmic brushstrokes to dance across the canvas before she applies objectivity.

Connie’s tools are large brushes, acrylic paint and a touch of magic. Her reward is to have the viewer get a sense of the magic. Connie has been painting for many years and is still surprised.



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40x30" / Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic / 24 x 20"

Releasing Expectations


Bold brush strokes and surprising geometric elements. / 60 x 40" / Acrylic on canvas

Of Discipline and Freedom


Bold abstract with elements of edge and free brush strokes. / 40 x 30" / Acrylic on canvas

Super Moon


48 x 48" / Acrylic on Canvas

Behind the Waterfall


33 x 41" / Acrylic on Paper

A Gift for Bolivia


33 x 41" / Acrylic on paper - traditional framing /  "A Gift for Bolivia" is inspired by the Flatirons Film Festival movie "A Taste of Sky." It is about a Danish man who created a very successful r...



24 x 20" / acrylic on paper

Mountain Music


40 x 16" / Acrylic on canvas