Colorful Colorado

June 7 - July 16, 2023

"Colorful Colorado" pays homage to the diverse and vibrant culture of our state. All artwork displayed showcases the spirit and essence of Colorado. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of our great state.tags:exhibit,past
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26 x 32" / Acrylic / This piece was painted from a photograph taken from 4th St. and Evergreen Ave. in Boulder, looking south along the Flatiron ridge.

Copper Reflections II


18 x 24" / Acrylic, glitter, faux copper leaf, resin on panel / Abstract landscape using glitter, resin and copper leaf.

Above Peak 8


16 x 20" / Watermedia / An impression of a gondola ride.

4 the Tourists


10 x 12" / Printmaking / Monotype using stencils

Wet & Wild. #20396


8 x 10" / Oil pastel /Rainbow trout in oil pastels.

Urbanesque 1


25 x 31" / Acrylic & ink / Urbanesque 1 is a multi-colored, transparent cityscape. In the foreground, its cheerful, bright colors reflect in a body of water, giving it a "lovely summer day" feel.

Whispering Trees


33 x 18" / Acrylic



6x6" / Oil pastel / “Crux” Rock climber w orange yellow and pink sunset and gray mts on rust cliffs.



32 x 24" / Photography / Fall grasses, sun and rain drops

Red Rocks Sunset


16 x 24" / Soft pastel / An iridescent sunset illuminates Front Range Red Rocks and the hardy trees that cling to them.

Colorado Sky


8 x 10" / Acrylic on Black Gesso Canvas / A look beyond Table Mountain rock formations in Golden to one of Colorado’s incredible sunsets. Each “dot” was purposefully and meticulously placed to show...

Iron Horse


4 x 4" / Oil pastel /Three cyclists descending a mountain pass road into Silverton, CO, during the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.