Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park

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Aspen Magic at Rocky M...

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Across an open meadow lies a hill side with waves of Aspen. These trees magically display their gold and red hue's that among the pines appear to be neon signs for the magnificent Aspen.


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View looking up through hillside aspen trees.

Denver and the Diamond

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In the distance, the cigarette glow of Denver's lights blossoms like a false dawn. But in this night photo, the immense east face of Longs Peak's Diamond is actually illuminated by the lights of an...

Solo Moose

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Moose love water! I caught this one at Rocky Mountain National Park enjoying a morning swim with a bit of breakfast.

Colorado, Where the Ea...

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The Front Range of the Continental Divide, as experienced from the Toll Mountain Trail, demonstrates why Rocky Mountain National Park got its name. With more than 60 mountain peaks over 12,000' in ...

The Lone Pine Tree

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There was a trail but I took a shortcut, clambering up the rockface, Growing out of what seemed to me to be solid rock was this gnarled pine tree, framed by a break in the clouds. I leaned out as f...

Longs Peak Bathed in E...

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Longs Peak Bathed In Early Morning Sun in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mare's Tail - Chasm La...

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Lashed by the wind, this burst of cirrus clouds over Longs Peak resembles the tail of a galloping horse. An old sailor's proverb warns, “Mares’ tails and mackerel scales make lofty ships to carry l...

Bear Lake

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Bear Lake in deteriorating weather; even more awe inspiring

Gathering Perspective

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This is an image of Sprague Lake in RMNP, CO. This is an early am reflection that presented solitude during times of social distancing and isolation as COVID 19 was peaking.

Morning in Moraine Park

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Sunlight sweeps over the tops of Tombstone Ridge before a tide of storm clouds descend upon the peaks.

Ram Bachelor Herd

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A large group of Bighorn Sheep Rams (the bachelor herd) gathered on a ridge in the Rocky Mountains.