Colorado: Great Sand Dunes National Park

The tallest dunes in North America are the centerpiece of this diverse landscape in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado. It has a seasonal creek and beach at the base of the dunes and trails that lead to forests, wetlands and alpine lakes.

Great Sand Dunes artwork takes you to a multisensory place and experience with stellar skyscapes, soft sand peaks, and snow capped craggy mountains in the background.

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Great Sand Dunes Natio...

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View to the east looking at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the middle of the dunes. A large format analog capture exposed on Rollei Infrared film, taken with Wista 4x5 Field camera, 150mm lens...

Sunset over the San Ju...

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Photographed in 2018 after a series of storms moved through the area. The sun was covered in clouds all day, but I still hiked over an hour to near the top of Star Dune. As I waited for sunset with...


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sandy curve

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Sunset, Great Sand Dunes

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Sunset; the visitors have left and now is when the dunes surrender their true ephemeral beauty

Dawn at Great Sand Dun...

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Dawn at the base of the Great Sand Dunes up to the mountains