Circles & Squares

Dec 9 - Jan 17, 2020

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Don't Follow Your Heart


36 x 30" / OilOil and cold wax on stretched canvas

Reflected Circles


12 x 22" / Canvas Photography PrintReflected globes at Denver Botanic Gardens

Raspberry Squares


17 x 25" / Photography / Raspberry colored walls with white framed mirror and silhouetted squares

Three Corn Maidens


21.5 x 17.5" / Mixed Media Art QuiltArt quilt depicting three corn maidens in a field of corn, celebrating the summer harvest. Hand-dyed cotton fabrics,synthetic fabric, perle cotton. Free-motion m...



20 x 20" / WatercolorWatercolor on paper



24 x 24" / Digital PaintingThe Visual Mantra Collection is mandala-themed art with specific healing intent. Healing intent: Dealing with change and transitions. Body connections: Thymus and immune ...

The Lone Red Onion


16 x 19" / Oil on panelA small red onion sitting atop a yellow block. Painted completely with a pallet knife and experimenting with color

Earth and Sky


21 x 26" / photography, digitally manipulatedI created a landscape photograph and then digitally manipulated it to create the circular formation.



23.5 x 34" / AcrylicThe viewer's eye travels around this visually textural painting/drawing, and finds a multitude of creatures and quirky forms.

Window Moon


48 x 36" / Encaustic, oil, and india ink

Hats of Cuenca


16 x 14" / Photography

Ceiling of an Old Syna...


16 x 20" / Framed photographThis old synagogue in Essaouira, Morroco was just beautiful and it was moving to be in a place with such history. It's still open although there's only a small Jewish co...