Carol Walker

Carol’s passion for photography started at an early age, with animals as her favorite subjects. She studied literature and photography as an undergraduate at Smith College, and continued her education in photography after graduating, studying portraiture and nature photography. She has traveled all over the world photographing wildlife for the past 30 years. In 2000, Carol started her business Living Images by Carol Walker, specializing in photographing horses. Carol’s images masterfully showcase the beauty of horses with her stunning images of horses at liberty. She has taught horse photography workshops for the past 10 years in Dubai, France, Germany and all over the United States. She sells her fine art prints from her website as well as in several galleries in Colorado and has won numerous awards with her artwork. Carol’s work in photography and with wild horses was featured in Horse Illustrated’s February 2017 issue. She has won multiple awards at Colorado art shows from 2013 - 2019 including best in show in three juried shows and best in Photography in 12 juried shows on the Front Range of Colorado.

Sixteen years ago, Carol began photographing wild horses. As she followed several herds in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana, she became aware of how precarious their situation on public lands has become. Since then, she has dedicated herself to educating people with her photographs and stories about wild horses. She is one of the leading advocates working to keep America’s wild horses wild and free on our public lands. Her three books, Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses, Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers and the newest, Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas are all multiple book award winners. Proceeds from the sales of Carol’s artwork and books fund her work to keep America’s wild horses wild and free. For the last seven years, Carol has produced a calendar of her images each year to benefit first the Cloud Foundation and now Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Carol was the Director of Field Documentation and on the Board of Directors for Wild Horse Freedom Federation for 6 years, dedicating herself to stopping the roundup and removal of wild horses from our public lands, and keeping our wild horses wild and free.

Carol sees her artwork as an ideal vehicle for enhancing and expressing her advocacy for wild horses.


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Gypsy in the Forest II

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA blue-eyes Gypsy Vanner mare stands in the snow in Alberta, Canada

Black Friesian Runs

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA black Friesian stallion runs in the early morning in a pasture in California, mane streaming.

Indian Pony

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA wild blue roan stallion named Blue Zeus looks out in the Red Desert of Wyoming, his stance reminiscent of old photos of Indian ponies.

Black Horse In the Snow

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA black ranch horse moves through the softly falling snow in northern Wyoming.

Two Wild Brothers

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasTwo wild pinto stallions who are brothers come together in the early morning in the Red Desert of Wyoming.

Custer and Galaxy

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasTwo wild stallions Custer and Galaxy posture and prance on the Pryor Mountains of Montana with the Bighorn National Park in the background.

Sea Horse Twins

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasTwo white Camargue horses, friends, swim to shore together in southern France.

Two Appaloosas

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasTwo Appaloosa horses run together in the snow in northern Wyoming.

Gray Stallion Turns

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA gorgeous gray Andalusian stallion turns his head in the early morning in Southern California

Two Andalusian Stallio...

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasTwo Andalusian stallions,friends, the older white stallion is patient with the younger dappled gray in a pasture in Spain.

White Stallion Runs in...

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA beautiful pure white Egyptian Arabian stallion runs in the dunes before sunset in Dubai.

Shades of Gray

$105.00 $875.00

Photographic Print on CanvasA group of gray Camargue horses swims in a pond in southern France. The younger dappled gray horse stands out among the older white horses.