California: Joshua Tree National Park

There is the iconic tree Joshua Tree, a bristled and twisted yucca, which needs a deep freeze to bloom in the next season. The park includes a rugged rock formation and stark desert landscape whose shape is sculpted by strong winds. There are dark night skies for epic astrophotography, and a fascinating variety of plants and animals who make their homes in this distinct two-desert ecosystem, the Mojave and the Colorado, in southern California.

Joshua Tree artwork showcases the iconic trees in all seasons and amidst colorful day and night skies.

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a different light A

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dawn, hidden valley

Be Yourself

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Sunrise colors and Joshua trees taking their morning stretches.

Joshua Tree National P...

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A personal favorite location and image. Very indicative of the rock formations in the park. These formations serve as a backdrop to the trees, and make the park’s landscape specifically unique comp...

Joshua Candlesticks

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Joshua Tree in full bloom, Joshua Tree National Park.

Cap Rock

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Cap Rock formation and Joshua Tree at dawn in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Sunset (2014(

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As the sun sets over the distant mountains, the desert of Joshua Tree National Park is filled with golden light.


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Joshua Trees and falling show in Joshua Tree National Park

Light as Air

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Chia (Salvia columbariae) is a native to Joshua Tree National Park. It is known by many names: paanihac (Serrano), pasal (Cahuilla), pashal (Luiseño), ‘ilépesh (Barbareño Chumash), and nulh’amulh (...

Storm Break

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Joshua Tree desert after a snowstorm in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree and Rock F...

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Rocks, Joshua tree, and skies captured in this winter time photo at the park.

rock garden

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a different light

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