California: Channel Islands National Park

This park off the coast of Southern California near Ventura, comprises five ecologically rich islands. You’ll find nesting birds, sea caves, a 1932 lighthouse and more. Each island offers unique experiences with water sports, hiking, camping, diving, whale and wildlife watching.

Channel Islands artwork showcases whales, dolphins, birds, and striking cliff and water landscapes.

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Anacapa Island, Channe...

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Waves lap over Inspiration Point on the western end of Anacapa Island.

Breaching Humpback, Ch...

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A Humpback whale breaches out of the ocean near Anacapa Island.

California Brown Pelic...

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California Brown Pelicans fly near the surface of the ocean near Santa Cruz Island.

Moonset, Inspiration P...

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The moon sets over Inspiration Point near the western end of Anacapa Island.

Swimming Common Dolphi...

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A pod of common dolphins move quickly beside a fast moving boat near Anacapa Island.

Western Gulls on Anaca...

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Western Gulls swarm over Anacapa Island during the height of nesting season.