Boulder Art Assoc.: Spring Showers - Art Flowers

April 11 - May 13, 2023

47 items

The Last Rose


8 x 8" / Acrylics /The rose is a pale pink that is showing signs of it last few days with the petals starting to turn brown.

Spring Treasures


8 x 8" / Mixed Media / Spring scene in vibrant acrylic colors.

Lotus In Rain


8 x 8" / Cold Wax and Oil on Panel

Spring Columbine


8x8" / Oil / The art piece is a study of a columbine the state flower of Colorado. I have always wanted to do a still life of a close up of the Columbine flower. It is such a beautiful flower.

Georgia On My Mind


8 x 8" / Color Pencil on Bristol PaperWhen I saw the theme, I immediately thought of Georgia O'Keeffe, who brought us a new way to look at and think about flowers. The portrait is from one of her p...

Flower Frenzy


8 x 8" / Mixed Media

Spring Standard


8 x 8" / Watercolor and InkIris are early risers, but give such a strong show I see them as the gold standard for Colorado flowers.



8 x 8" / OilIlluminated magnolia blossom against a dark tree and light blue sky.

Wild Spring Posy


8 x 8" / Acrylic Paint and Spray paintThe bright abandonment of a wild bunch of spring flowers.

Roses At Giverny


8 x 8" / OilThis is a painting of a close-up of a rose bush I saw while traveling to Claude Monet's home in France.

Roll Out The Green Carpet


8 x 8" / WoodYou can't have spring without a proper ecosystem. The green carpet is rolled out for the true stars of the show. Flowers are beautiful and bunnies are cute, but what keeps things bount...

Spring Flowers


8 x 8" / Mixed Media, Found ArtA flower piece made of upcycled plastic toys and mixed media on an acrylic background.