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14x22"/ Handcrafted salt print on vellum, waxed and gilded with 12k white gold



48" x 48" / Acrylic, Pastel, Ink / Intuitive expression through acrylic, pastel and ink. Soft shades of blue, gray, and sienna highlighted with strokes of black.



36x36" / Veneziano Plaster/Powdered Earth Pigments/Acrylic and Graphite / Layered Authentic Veneziano Plaster mixed with Acrylic Fluids. The stag emerges first rendered in watercolor graphite and t...

Summer Flatirons


20 x 24" / Oil on PanelThis painting is a colorful and impressionistic depiction of the Flatirons in Boulder, where many beautiful flowers bloom in the fields. In summer, you can see red poppies an...

Harmony of the Buffaloes


16 x 28" / OilI wanted to capture the serene scene I saw at the Buffalo farm on Nelson Road in Boulder County.

Current Meditation


40 x 52" / Acrylic on Canvas



16 x 8" / Archival Giclee

Take a Seat


36 x 36" / Encaustic, Mixed Media 



10 x 16" / Archival Giclee

Landscape 4


Nature is a constant reminder of the transitions. This series of cold wax landscapes had vivid colorful beginnings and then evolved into their serene, composed finales. Their bright origins create ...