Arizona: Saguaro National Park

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Saguaro Sunset #1

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The sun sets over Saguaro National Park and one of its namesake cacti basks in the warm glow.

Saguaro Sunset #2

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The multitude of Saguaros watch the sunset in their namesake national park.

Magnus Saguaro

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This magnificent saguaro and its little ones stand tall against a backdrop of majestic mountains.

Cactus Wren

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It amazes me how desert birds can land and rest on such prickly perches.

Broken Silhouette

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As the sun was setting I was frantically searching for a good silhouette to frame against the orange horizon. These saguaros reminded me of hands and one "finger" appeared to be broken which added ...

Little Hummer

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This little hummingbird had so much personality. So bold, yet so small.


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Still standing tall after the contortions needed to survive this harsh desert.

Sacred Spiral

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Sacred Spiral, along with other petrogylphs, can be found on a short hike past the Signal Hill picnic area within Saguaro National Park. While we do not know what the ancient Hohokam people intende...

Young Saguaros

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A thick grove of backlit saguaro cactus

Saguaro East

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A group of tall saguaro cacti overlooking the mountains in the eastern section of Saguaro National Park

On Guard

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Golden hour view from behind the Red Hills Visitor center in the western section of Saguaro National Park

Golden Glow of Sunset

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Facing directly into the sun at a group of backlit Saguaro cacti