Arizona: Grand Canyon National Park

The majestic Grand Canyon, one mile deep and 18 miles wide, is the centerpiece of the park. The layers of colored rock that reveal millions of years of geological history is one of the most popular scenes to capture at both sunrise and sunset.

The Grand Canyon artwork explores every season and every facet of the canyon from the Colorado River to the rims, rock formations, desert foliage, and star-filled skies.
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Sunshine After the Storm

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Sunset view of the Grand Canyon after a summer monsoon storm.

Spectacular Supergroup

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From Navajo Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon you have an amazing view of the Supergroup, with its numerous geologic layers, and the Colorado River, which cut this canyon over millions of ...

Sacred Passage

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Star trails streak the night sky as the quarter moon illuminates an ancient landscape at the Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona.

Little Colorado River

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The Little Colorado River is a tributary of the Colorado River. The aqua waters are a sight to behold.

cliff 6

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rapid 7

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Grand Canyon, Snow

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Early morning clouds clearing reveals a dusting of snow on higher levels of the canyon.

Spring Rains In The Ca...

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Single Tree Struggling For Existence On The Edge Of The Canyon Rock Formations Grand Canyon National Park Yavapai County, Arizona

Essential Canyon, Gran...

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Defining the essence of a Grand Canyon vista, Essential Canyon includes classic strata in a foreground wall, the vast space of the canyon and it's subtle color palette, the Colorado River cutting t...

Dawn at the Grand Canyon

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Photograph of the Grand Canyon made just after dawn on the South Rim.

Utah Juniper

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Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim Trail

Desert View Watch Tower

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The Milky Way shines behind the Desert View Watch Tower at the Grand Canyon