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Anthony Segarra

Anthony Segarra is a fine art photographer currently based in Denver, Colorado.

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Anthony’s journey into photography was a rather unorthodox one. It began in the summer of 2006 when he joined his high school yearbook program on a whim, not knowing just how much that experience would end up shaping him. After his time on the yearbook staff, Anthony purchased his very own Nikon DSLR kit and continued to hone his craft. When he felt he had reached the limits of digital, he sought a greater challenge and purchased a Mamiya RZ67Pro II off of Craigslist, again on a whim. He experimented with medium format film and fell in love with the meticulous nature of the process. Eventually he made his way to 35mm, but he much preferred the process and quality of the larger film format. (digital -> medium format film -> 35mm...the standard route everyone takes, right??)

In 2011, Anthony enlisted in the United States Air Force, ultimately placing his photographic aspirations on hold. Seven years, two deployments, and several duty stations later, he wound up at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The Secretary of the Air Force hand-selected Anthony for a highly competitive and prestigious active-duty commissioning program where he is currently obtaining a physics degree and will commission as a physicist upon completion.

Due to his military career, Anthony hasn’t been afforded much time to dedicate to photography since he joined. But on a chance bike ride through Louisville, CO during the spring of 2019, he found himself suddenly inspired by these strange and droopy plants on the side of the road. The yucca were in full bloom and their peculiar nature reignited the dormant creative embers that burned deep within him. During the summer break, Anthony dedicated his free time to shooting as much as possible again, as well digging through his old work and rediscovering lost frames.

Anthony’s photographic style has evolved over the years into what he describes as a more mature artistic expression of the way his mind operates. His work aims to capture the mundane and overlooked with a high level of aesthetic quality. Occasionally he still shoots pretty subjects, but often prefers more complex and nuanced beauty. Anthony finds inspiration in “uninspiring” locations such as alleyways, business parks, and the backsides of shopping centers. Always looking for subjects that, to most, typically wouldn't be anything more than an afterthought, he revels in discovering the hidden allure in the ordinary. Anthony chases alternative subject matters, unique vantage points, and most importantly, representations of the ever-evolving mindscape that comprise an unlikely, and rather unorthodox, modern fine art photographer.