Annie Thayer

Annie's artwork is inspired by a deep love of nature. In her paintings, she hopes to capture a moment in which aspects of nature come alive with heightened focus – the light sparkling on water, dark clouds foreshadowing a storm, or reflections on a calm lake. Annie finds that painting out in nature increases her attention and allows her to paint more intuitively. It is an exciting challenge to capture the essence of the scene quickly before the light changes, or before calm water becomes choppy with white caps.

 Often Annie's travels are motivated by a desire to paint in different settings while engaging with the local people and their culture. She looks forward to finding quiet times in which to observe and record what she sees and feels. Her sketchbook drawings and paintings thus provide inspiration for my work back in the studio.

 Annie has recently opened her studio to students with any level of experience in watercolor. They have fun “playing” as they observe how the paint moves and flows, and they experiment with how to bring more motion and energy into their paintings. Annie is thrilled to share her love of the medium with others, and hopes to continually inspire her students to explore their own creativity.

     In May of 2021, Annie was honored to receive signature status in the Colorado Watercolor Society.

Available Works

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Wemagooah Kazuhchich (...


13 x 16" / Watercolor / A view across the Sopris Valley with majestic Mt. Sopris as the main focus.

Passing Storm


11x14" / Watercolor

Caribou Ranch Fog


16 x 20" / Watercolor

Solitary Reflections


11x14"/ Watercolor

Bringing in the Light


15x20" / Original  Watercolor

Lovebirds on a Wire


10x14"/ Watercolor/ Bluebirds in the snow

Bull Moose


15 x 11" / WatercolorA majestic bull moose in autumn foliage

Only Elephants Need Ivory


20 x 16" / Watercolor

Lone Wolf


20 x 16" / Watercolor

Chautauqua Wonderland


24 x 31" / Watercolor / The Flatirons become a winter wonderland after a deep Rocky Mountain snowfall.

Capitol Reef Vista


16x20" / Original Watercolor

Windswept Shores


16x20" / Original Watercolor