Alicia Thompson

The Colorado landscape has inspired Alicia her entire life. Growing up in the foothills, she has spent many hours observing, drawing, photographing, and painting various facets of our state’s beauty. Alicia continually attempts to recreate, emphasize, or reinvent the unique lighting and textures in the subject matter she views. Alicia’s love and admiration of the outdoors runs deep, and she is consistently inspired and awed by our state’s natural beauty. She grew up next to the Big Thompson river, and is still drawn to both the river’s calming allure and raging energy. There is a healing, centering, and grounding quality that spending time outdoors gives her, and she strives to relay that in her work, as well as the importance of conserving these natural gifts we are so fortunate to still possess.

Although Alicia dabbles in many art forms and materials, painting has remained her true love since she picked up a paint brush in her first high school painting class. Over the years, she has been inspired by so many different types of artists, not just nature or landscape painters. In her own artistic journey, however, Alicia finds herself returning to this subject matter again and again.

Alicia went to school from Kindergarten to High School in Loveland, CO and graduated from Colorado State with a B.F.A. in Painting, as well as a Bachelors in Art Education. Over the past 15 years, she has taught art to children ranging in age from Kindergarten to high school in three different Colorado districts and currently teaches art to Kindergarten through eighth grade in the Thompson School District. Alicia lives in Fort Collins with her wonderful family, who love both spending time outdoors and making art together.

Available Works

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Cool Cadence


20 x 20" / Acrylic on Canvas

Colorado Spring Valley


24 x 18" / Acrylic

Mid Day Reverie


20 x 20" / Acrylic and Canvas

Ruin of Envy


20 x 16" / Acrylic on Canvas



12x12" / Acrylic on Canvas



20" x 20" / Acrylic on canvas

Lion's Lair Trail


18" x 14" / Acrylic on canvas



24x18" / Acrylic on canvas

Pleasant Valley Aspen


20 x 24" / Acrylic

Aspen Cathedral


24x20 / Acrylic on Canvas