Alaska: Lake Clark National Park

This is a stunning land of shimmering turquoise lakes, volcanoes, and craggy mountains. The park preserves the ancestral homelands of the Dena'ina people, an intact ecosystem at the headwaters of the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, and a rich cultural wilderness with an abundance of brown bears and salmon runs.

The Lake Clark collection of artwork includes intimate images of bears at rest and in action in soft-hued light.
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Chigmit Reflections

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While on a backcountry trip to the Twin Lakes area of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, I arose early to explore the landscape before sunrise. The air was calm, mosquitoes were buzzing, and ...

Upper Twin Lake

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Upper Twin Lake holds suspended glacial sediment, which gives the water a milky blue color. This view was captured during a hike in the alpine zone in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.

Lily Pads at Headwaters

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Lily pads fill the surface of the headwaters for Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.

Cow Moose, Lake Clark

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Heading by boat back to the village of Nondalton after joining some locals on their fall moose hunt on the Chulitna River, we came upon a cow and bull moose swimming from an island to the main shor...

Loving Touch

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A tender moment between grizzly bear mother and her cub-of-the-year in Lake Clark National Park Alaska.

Catching Dinner

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Grizzly bear learning to fish in Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark National Park in Alaska.