Alaska: Katmai National Park

Bears. Bears frolicking, fishing, and fighting. And most of all, fattening up for winter. Katmai is on a peninsula in southern Alaska that is only accessible by air taxi. It is known for “Fat Bear Week,” where people worldwide guess which bear is the biggest heading into winter’s hibernation. Photographers get close-up to the grunts and odors from lookouts at Brooks Falls where bears are drawn to abundant salmon runs. Visitors can also venture out to experience the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, formed from a massive volcanic eruption.

The Katmai collection of artwork brings bear cubs playtime to life in action shots.
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Grizzly Caught a Salmon

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Grizzlies that live near a stream with a salmon run, congregate at the stream in anticipation of the salmon. The various bears each have their own fishing method which moms teach to their cubs. You...

Mom Grizzly Nursing Twins

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Spring cubs don’t have a care in the world. They spend the first summer of their lives in a constant cycle of playing, nursing and napping. This photograph shows them nursing while the mom holds he...

Katmai Fishing

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Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park, Alaska is famous for the "fishing bears" that gather there. Salmon swimming upstream to Brooks Lake for spawning are the object of all bears attention.

Mt. Wrangell Sunset

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This beautiful view of Mt. Wrangell appeared while standing on the bank of the Copper River, in Mt. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park at 11:45 pm waiting on a June sunset.

Playfighting on the Beach

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Grizzly bear cubs playfighting together early in the morning along the Katmai coast in Alaska.

Morning Boxing

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Two grizzly cubs working on their boxing skills by playfighting with each other along the Katmai coast in Alaska.