Alaska: Denali National Park

This majestic park is home to Denali (formerly Mount McKinley), North America’s tallest peak at 20,310 feet high. Encompassing six million acres of Alaska’s interior wilderness, Denali National Park and Preserve’s terrain includes tundra, spruce forest and glaciers. It’s land is home to a diverse wildlife ranging from wolves, moose, grizzly bears, caribou, and Dall sheep.

This collection of artwork features grand mountain vistas, snow capped peaks, and wide open spaces of the furthest reaches in the Pacific Northwest.
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Clouds and snow

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Aerial view of a Denali National Park glacier, Alaskan Range, Alaska

Summit Party

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A climbing party reaches the summit of Denali at 6:30 pm on the longest day of the year in 2015.

South Buttress

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The south buttress of Denali peeks above the clouds on a summer evening.

Denali Caribou

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I had seen some distant herds of Caribou but this lone on close to the road was quite a surprise!

Sunset Glacier

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It’s now mid-afternoon and the heavy low hanging clouds are rising starting to expose the nearby mountains. Sunset Glacier on Scott Peak, 8800ft, and the surrounding tundra with its many shades o...

Mt. Doom

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The dark side of Denali - gloomy mountains that reek of danger

Untouched Lands

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Captured in the afternoon light

Mountain Layers

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Denali Mountain in fall

Rock Creek Trail

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Rock Creek Trail in fall

Polychrome Pass

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Polychrome Pass in fall

Denali Reflection

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I trekked out at dawn with the hope of capturing the highest peak in North America during sunrise, I was not disappointed. The weather changed and the previous evening optimism that the clouds woul...