Abstract: Color + Form

July 19 - Sept 10, 2023

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Aspen Totem with Rings


60 x 10" / Wood, acrylic, metal /Hand carved aspen tree painted in acrylic with metal elements. This is a 5' section of a fallen tree.



30 x 30" / Oil and Cold Wax / I pay attention to space. When I focus on space instead of objects in the foreground, I feel free and transparent. I can let things move through me like a cloud dissol...

Swirl Wall Platter


12 x 15" / Blown glass / The rondel (platter) is a comet traveling through a faraway galaxy. The color composition creates a thermal dynamic structure of the piece which helps it spin out in a uniq...

Dreams in Black


11 x 13" / Watercolor and gel pen / Sometimes we achieve bigger dreams if we can see the chaos in black and delineate our colorful aspirations from it.

Red Rocks


27 x 17" / Sculpture / A diptych (wall pieces) that evokes the majesty of Colorado’s Red Rocks !

Pieces of the Sun


25 x 31" / Oil and Cold Wax / Textured palette knife painting with cold wax.

Full Moon Hike II


16 x 14" / Kiln-formed glassInspired by the artist's tradition of nighttime hikes under the full moon with a close friend, this piece transports you to the forest. High in the translucent, deep blu...

The Road to Santa Fe


32 x 42" / Acrylic on Canvas / From Boulder to Santa Fe in late May, I was so inspired that I could barely breathe ... the changing light, brewing storm and breathtaking colors brought a kinetic en...

Oh Happy Day


31 x 31" / Acrylic on Canvas / "Oh Happy Day" was a fun piece to create, with a reminder to live in the moment and rejoice everyday.

Mini Totem 17 - Wire o...


19 x 5" / Wood and Acrylic / Hand painted wood sculpture for tabletop, shelf or mantel. Made of repurposed wood pieces sourced in thrift shops and garage sales.

Mankato 12.26.1862: Da...


36 x 36" / Acrylic, wood, magnets The meaning of this piece evolved throughout its creation. Starting with beautiful, earthy hues, coming to light after the placement of squares, reclaimed wood to...

Itty Bitty Cacti (Medium)


3 x 2" / Painted Wood / Hand-painted wood sculpture for tabletop, shelf or mantel, primarily made of repurposed wood pieces sourced at thrift shops and garage sales. These sculptures may be sold as...