Abstract: Color + Form

July 19 - Sept 10, 2023

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Cool Cadence


20 x 20" / Acrylic on Canvas



24 x 30" / Acrylic, pastel, ink / "Voodoo" is a captivating abstract expressionist painting that unleashes an energetic force, evoking the mystical and enchanting world of spiritual rituals. The vi...

This is Where I Leave You


25 x 31" / Oil and Cold Wax / Textured palette knife painting with cold wax.

Flowing Tumblers


4 x 3" / Blown glass / These flowing tumblers are blown with care, intention, and recycled glass. These factors create a unique glass that moves like the water. The Flowing tumblers are an abstract...

The Shaman


20 x 30" / Digital Photography / The series explores an experimental approach to photography called Painting With A Camera, which blends elements of photography and painting. The result is a unique...

Mankato 12.26.1862: Da...


36 x 36" / Acrylic, wood, magnets The meaning of this piece evolved throughout its creation. Starting with beautiful, earthy hues, coming to light after the placement of squares, reclaimed wood to...

Red Rocks


27 x 17" / Sculpture / A diptych (wall pieces) that evokes the majesty of Colorado’s Red Rocks !

Rickert Circling the S...


12 x 12" / Acrylic on Canvas / Hard Edges, Soft Edges, Rough Texture, Smooth Moving, Static Texture, Saturated Color, Dull Color, Random, Measured, Fluid, Solid - the narrative of a friendship.

Swirl Wall Platter


12 x 15" / Blown glass / The rondel (platter) is a comet traveling through a faraway galaxy. The color composition creates a thermal dynamic structure of the piece which helps it spin out in a uniq...

Oh Happy Day


31 x 31" / Acrylic on Canvas / "Oh Happy Day" was a fun piece to create, with a reminder to live in the moment and rejoice everyday.



30 x 30" / Oil and Cold Wax / I pay attention to space. When I focus on space instead of objects in the foreground, I feel free and transparent. I can let things move through me like a cloud dissol...

Lazy Afternoon


10 x 13" / Acrylic on Canvas / This painting was inspired by the lazy afternoon clouds on trip to Natural Bridges National Monument .