Abstract: Color + Form

July 19 - Sept 10, 2023

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Full Moon Hike II


16 x 14" / Kiln-formed glassInspired by the artist's tradition of nighttime hikes under the full moon with a close friend, this piece transports you to the forest. High in the translucent, deep blu...

Underwater Currents II


15 x 10" / Kiln-formed Glass / There is much that happens below the surface of the water. This striking piece has much to explore visually: the organic swirls of the multi-toned blue background, th...

Bronze Aspen Totem


96 x 12" / Aspen wood, bronze metal cladding / Hand Carved aspen tree finished with a bronze metal cladding. The metal coating is a layer of bronze applied with a cold spray process. Totem is a 8' ...

Rusted Equipment


18 x 24" / Photography / I found a wonderful old truck with a lot of rust on it and photographed it. This is of one of the sides.

The Sheltering Peaks


24 x 36" / Acrylic & Mixed Media / This piece is an abstracted view of the continental divide. It features shapes and lines that recall the forms of the landscape but is far from an accurate re...



18 x 24" / Acrylic, resin, reclaimed woodNamed for the phenomenon of chills or goosebumps when listening to moving music, this piece is a journey in prismatic color and shape. A dazzling rainbow of...

Space is Curved


14 x 14" / Acrylic and Paper / Abstract in acrylic and paper on wood panel.

Indigo Skies


24 x 30" / Acrylic on Canvas / The 5th painting in my Road Trip Series traveling from Boulder to Santa Fe. As we tried to outrun the storm - passing through the small town of Springer, NM; I was ca...

Time Traveler


48 x 60" / Acrylic on Canvas

TV Factory


13 x 13" / Oil and Cold Wax / This piece explores three-dimensional layers of oil and cold wax to create a two-dimensional and deconstructed representation of a factory. Patterns, parts, boxes, and...

Letter to My Friend


19 x 16" / Mixed Media /    The work contains Pyro-etched taskboard 'tiles' colored with a variety of transparent inks and graphite. Strips are mounted on a black chalkboard. The narrow 'mosaic' pi...

Breathe Deeply


48 x 36" / Oil on Canvas / Beginning with a romantic view of the Amalfi Coast, then following the artistic cues presented to me, I made my first intentional attempt to truly blur the lines between ...